Jun 17, 2015

Intercept HTTPS Traffic from Android Emulators Method 1: Install the trusted CA Certificate on your Android Emulator. Get the HTTP Debugger Pro CA Certificate from: C:\ProgramData\HTTPDebuggerPro\Cert\SSL And install it on your device as described in the following article at Stackoverflow. Method 2: Ignore SSL errors in your application On AnDROID!!!: Installing *.cer & *.pfx certificates on Oct 28, 2011 Root Certificate Manager(ROOT) - Apps on Google Play Apr 12, 2016 ITSWeb - UVA Information Technology Services

Jul 11, 2016

How to Download and Install a PKCS#12 onto Your Android Device How to Download a Certificate onto Your Android Device Step 1 - Open Certificate Pick Up Email on Android Device. Certificate delivery is completed using an over-the-air enrollment method, where the certificate enrollment is delivered directly to your Android device, via email using the email address you specified during the registration process. How to Install SSL Certificate on Android Whether you have the latest Android version or an older one, this process should work in any case. Here’s how you can install an SSL certificate on Android. Now that you know everything there is to be known, let’s install your certificate on your android device. Follow the steps below for it: First, go to Settings

Importing private CA certificates in Android | LastBreach

Jun 17, 2015 Installing Burp's CA Certificate in an Android Device