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ASS - Definition by AcronymFinder ASS: American Shipping Service (The Simpsons) ASS: Application Software Specialist: ASS: Agentiei Sociale A Studentilor (Romania) ASS: Anarchy Solid Sound (Brazilian punk rock band) ASS: Allied Soviet Squad (gaming clan) ASS: Assistant Supervisor Station: ASS: Association of Soccer Sponsors: ASS: Automatic System Security: ASS: Avionics Support ASS | definition of ASS by Medical dictionary ASS Neurology (1) Acute Stroke Study. (2) Auckland Stroke Study. Slang adjective Referring to the buttocks and anus. noun The buttocks and anus.

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Literally, your ass is your buttocks. In slang, an ass is a jerk or an idiot. Neither is highly regarded. Ass | Definition of Ass by Oxford Dictionary on 1 An animal of the horse family, which is typically smaller than a horse and has longer ears and a braying call.. Genus Equus, family Equidae: E. africanus of Africa, which is the ancestor of the domestic ass or donkey, and E. hemionus of Asia ass - Wiktionary Jul 10, 2020 Tight-ass dictionary definition | tight-ass defined