The RADIUS Server app provides an implementation of the RADIUS protocol, using FreeRADIUS. RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) features centralized management, authentication, authorization and accounting management for computers and network devices (smart phones, tablets etc.) to connect and use network resources.

PHP RADIUS SERVER. PHP Radius Server is a cloud-based Bandwidth Management Software with ISP Billing System. Bandwidth Manager helps you control download and upload speed. Our ISP Radius server support Mikrotik (NAS) management, user management, real-time bandwidth monitoring, various types of plan, load balancing, failover, etc… Introduction to Radius. Radius is a server for remote user authentication and accounting. Its primary use is for Internet Service Providers, though it may as well be used on any network that needs a centralized authentication and/or accounting service for its workstations. RADIUS Server, Diameter Server and Convergent/ISP Billing software Top performing RADIUS Server software / RADIUS AAA Server, ISP Billing and HSS LTE Solutions Aradial Technologies, Billing , policy control and AAA software vendor is servicing internet service providers for 20 year. 802.1x Device Onboarding Software Included. If devices aren’t configured properly for RADIUS authentication, organizations are at high risk for credential theft. CloudRADIUS comes built with SecureW2’s #1 rated Device Onboarding Software, ensuring every device is properly configured for RADIUS authentication and enrolled for a certificate. MangoSpot is a provider of radius server management services with FreeRadius, which has very complete features that will provide convenience and more controlled and structured management. In addition, we are also involved in making and Developing Software or Applications, Networking, and Server Management. Here is an example of a Client configured to allow a Cisco switch to connect to the Radius server. You need to set the following configuration: • Friendly name to the device. • Device IP Address • Device Shared secret. The Shared secret will be used to authorize the device to use the Radius server.

The core server handles authentication and accounting requests and passes them on to your own code for processing.The server is entirely written in Java. The RADIUS Client Version 4 API gives your application access to any RADIUS server for authentication, accounting, and configuration.The client is entirely written in Java.

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About Radius . Radius is a cloud-based marketing intelligence solution for small, midsize and large businesses. It caters to various industries including food services, software and technology, construction, hospitality, media, internet, education, retail, wholesale, finance, insurance and health care.

RADIUS test client (Radlogin v4) - IEA Software Monitor hundreds of RADIUS servers, keep uptime statistics and send email/SMS pager notifications should a server become unreachable. Radlogin v4 features include. Support for RFC5176 Disconnect and CoA messages Best of all worlds, send RADIUS queries … ClearBox Server: RADIUS Server for Windows