Jun 22, 2011

The Slackware Linux Project: Configuration Help xorgsetup. This is a simple menu driven frontend that's similar in feel to the Slackware installer. It simply tells the X server to take a look at the card, and then set up the best initial configuration file it can make based on the information it gathers. Slackware Linux Restart / Start / Stop Networking Service Jan 03, 2014 howtos:network_services:home_nfs_howto - SlackDocs Up to Slackware 11.0, this requires a kernel boot parameter (an append= line in lilo.conf) - a kernel stanza will look something like this: image = /boot/vmlinuz-ide- append = "lockd.udpport=32768 lockd.tcpport=32768" root = /dev/hda2 label = read-only After 11.0, but before Slackware 13.1, this requires setting module load howtos:network_services:ethernet_bridging_with_openvpn

Network cards (NICs) Drivers for NICs are installed as kernel modules. The module for your NIC has to be loaded during the initialization of Slackware Linux. On most systems the NIC is automatically detected and configured during the installation of Slackware Linux. You can reconfigure your NIC with the netconfig command.

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The usual way of installing Slackware from a NFS server repository, is to boot the Slackware CDROM, and let udev load the driver for your network card before starting setup to commence the installation procedure. Now, with a boot from the network we are assuming there is …

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