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1. How to acccess USB device outside of the network with password ?(Steps please) 2. Is it possible to access USB from non Workgroup domain laptop, if possible can I have the approach so that it can be accessed via both Workgroup and non workgroup laptop systems ? Router + Drive = Network Attached Storage We plugged a 250GB Western Digital USB drive into the Media Storage Link's USB port. We frequently swap out one router for another when reviewing products. In most cases, re-connecting the wireless devices is simple or completely automatic. One of the wireless media products, a Creative Labs SoundBlaster Wireless Music player, does almost RT-AC86U | Networking | ASUS USA

Many routers have a USB port for connecting an external drive, but because routers have slower processors than our NAS picks and because their software isn’t purpose-built for file sharing, this

Compatible USB storage file system for routers with After checking the file system of the USB storage device, safely remove it from the computer’s USB port. Now that you already know the file system of your USB storage device, you can now proceed to checking if it is compatible with your Linksys router. Step 1: Plug the USB storage device into the router's USB port. Why Do Routers Have USB Ports? - Make Tech Easier 1. You Can Plug Storage into It If you have a memory stick and/or an external HDD compatible with your router, you can access it over the Wi-Fi. Just plug it into the USB port on your router, and every device on your network should be able to access it.

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