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How anonymous is irc? : irc By default the IRC protocol exposes your IP to everyone regardless of you registering or not. Lots of networks now implement some form of IP masking, either through registering or by default. Is it necessary to use tor and vpn if you want to be anonymous on irc? Ultimately, yes. Anonymous Launches OnionIRC, Specifically for "Training May 17, 2016 Anonymous (group) - Wikipedia

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Anonymous Launches OnionIRC to Teach the World About May 14, 2016 Here is how you can use OnionIRC to reach out to Anonymous May 15, 2016

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Anonymous Free Proxy List - Home Network & Wireless Anonymous Free Proxy List. Check this anomymous free proxy list and make simple configuration on web browser, then you can surf the Internet anonymously. By using the anonymous proxy server, it works as intermediate server to send the requests to web servers on Internet on behalf of your computers, so that can hide your computer IP address and prevent unauthorized access to your computer over