Usage: seqkit sort [flags] Flags: -l, --by-length by sequence length -n, --by-name by full name instead of just id -s, --by-seq by sequence -i, --ignore-case ignore case -k, --keep-temp keep tempory FASTA and .fai file when using 2-pass mode -N, --natural-order sort in natural order, when sorting by IDs/full name -r, - …

"Me being" versus "my being" - English Language & Usage @NeilCofey: I agree that there isn't much difference in meaning between both variants; but it could be argued that me in me being stupid shouldn't alarm you is the subject and being a participle (not a gerund) modifying it. This is sometimes called dominant usage of the participle, a (trivial) type of metonymy. Cf. absolute constructions, which How to view and download call, text and data usage logs Visit your My Usage page to view or download a spreadsheet of your talk, text and data usage for the current bill period up to today. My Verizon app: Choose Data Hub from the top menu.; The Overview tab shows your account’s overall usage.; Tap the Details tab at the top to see usage by line.; My Verizon online: Choose Data then Data overview from the top menu to visit My Usage.

In the 'My current usage' section on the main screen, view usage or click See my usage to view usage for specific lines. Click Usage under the ‘My phone’ section and then click View all account usage to view usage for specific lines. View usage for a specific line by selecting Manage > Recent Use from the top navigation bar. Need some help?

Usage of /me GET. Discussion. Returns the user associated with the passed access_token. This method returns a user. Try It. Stack Overflow link. default filter [edit] filter

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Many of the remaining issues seem to be on the CPU and disk side, though. It is unknown whether there are enough optimization gains to be had to make the experience fully smooth and, more importantly, whether there are people doing that work. It seems feasible that the next generation of hardware will be fast enough for daily usage.